cheap shopping

A holiday to Bali is incomplete if you are not shopping by Bali. Many offer a good and expensive place, but in this article we give you , and tips for you. Price Start From IDR 10.000.If you are good at bargaining goods the best place is in Sukawati art market and Ubud art market. These two places sell very cheap goods, and if you bargain well, maybe the price you get cheaper 60% of the price of goods offered first by the merchant. But this is a traditional market you will not find a convenient place because of the crowded and hot. But if you do not have the ability to bargain the goods well, but want to buy a cheap Bali souvenir, come to Krisna oleh oleh. Place sell souvenir Bali with a cheap price and very comfortable atmosphere because the concept is offered like shopping in the mall. The price is more expensive 20% of Sukawati art market but the comfortable shopping atmosphere is more value this place.

Cheap Bali Shopping Tips

  • Ask for goods cheaper 50% of the original price given by the merchant.
  • Do not stop at one place to buy an item.
  • Shopping at Krisna oleh oleh if you feel uncomfortable to shop in a crowded and hot air.
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